Welcome to Data Picker !

Putting data together is the first step for any data analysis. You must have experienced the pain of copying and pasting within and between spreadsheets. I have developed two small Java applications: DataPicker and DataMerger, which can save you from the tedious, boring, and time-consuming processes of copying and pasting.

Both Data Picker and Data Merger are useful to general data management. They are safe, handy, easy-to-use, light-weight, free software.

I have also developed two Java applications for scientific use in the field of obesity research: Virtual Calorimeter and Intake Calculator.

Data Picker retrieves individual data records from multiple data files and compiles into a summary file.

Data Merger grabs multiple columns of data from different sheets/Excel files, and puts them together into a summary file using some identifiers they have in common.

Virtual Calorimeter calculates energy expenditure over long term without metabolic chamber for lab animals.

Intake Calculator estimates energy intake in free living over long term for human subjects.