What if I need some feature that Data Picker or Data Merger doesn't have presently?

Please contact Data Picker team. We will try our best to add your needed feature.

What if Data Picker can't read my data files properly?

Probably, your data files use an unusual delimiter. Send us one of your data files. Do not forget to mask the sensitive information in it. We will take a look. Most of time, this issue could be fixed easily.

What about cyber-security?

Data Picker and Data Merger are stand-alone applications. That means all the data processing occurs within your own computer. Data Picker or Data Merger doesn't communicate with outside internet. Just relax!

I have problems starting DataPicker.jar or DataMerger.jar

If you see a pop-window like this when you launch DataPicker

Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed in your system.
Or you may try the following
The jar file contains a MANIFEST. The class that contains the main method is DataPickerLauncher. So a basic command would be
java -classpath DataPicker.jar DataPickerLauncher
Or you might try
java -jar DataPicker.jar

Replace "DataPicker.jar" with "DataMerger.jar" if you are running Data Merger.

Can I use Data Picker in Linux, Mac, or other platforms?

Data Picker and Data Merger are written in Java. Technically, they should run without problem. You are welcome to try. But we have not tested them in other platforms than Windows yet.