About the Little Horse

Data Picker

Make copy&paste easy by the little horse in black and white

In the evening on January 31 2014, a daddy and his kids were playing at home. The kids asked dad to draw something for fun. Dad picked up a brush and tried to think of a topic-- The first month of 2014 was almost gone. However, in many countries and communities around the world, the New Year was just beginning. That day was the Chinese New Year -- the Year of the Horse-- OK, let's draw a horse. Dad has not any training in painting at all. The drawing is far from an art, but was good enough to entertain the kids and the mom. The horse was drawn on a special paper with tap water. It would disappear in a minute. At 8:46PM, mom snapped a picture to save the moment -- the little horse was born, but only survived in an electronic format, no hard paper copy.
Later that year, dad initiated this project and became the founder of Data Picker. Oh, Data Picker needs a logo. Even though at the time, there was absolutely no whatsoever connection between the horse and the App, dad believes that the little horse will symbolize Data Picker as its popularity grows day by day.

About the Little Birds

Data Merger

Make copy&paste easy by the birds

The little birds were painted by my niece in her art class. Compared to me, my niece is professional in painting.

About Virtual Calorimeter

Virtual Calorimeter

Measure energy expendigure without metabolic cage!

The computation part of Virtual Calorimeter was done by Juen during his postdoc at NIH. Many years later, he has translated the algorithm into Java app so that it is accessible to more users. The name Virtual Calorimeter was made up by Dr. Kevin Hall. The logo was designed by Juen.

About Intake Calculator

Intake Calculator

Easily and objectively measure energy intake in free living!

The algorithm of Intake Calculator was developed by Dr. Kevin Hall. The user-friendly interface in Java was added by Juen. The name Intake Calculator was made up by Dr. Kevin Hall. The logo was designed by Juen.

About Us

The founder of Data Picker is a statistician and a computer expert. His more than ten years of experience has given him a lot of caveats and tricks in data management, and has inspired this project. The unique combination of his skills has made this small App a handy indispensable gadget for your research.