What does Data Picker do?

In the data files collected with scientific instruments, there may be only one or a few records in each data file. Those records must be put together for next-step analysis. Data Picker is designed to grab data under the same header columns from multiple files and compile them into one single summary file. It assumes that all the data files are in the same format, either MS Excel or CSV. It is ok if your data are in other format as long as they use the same delimiter.

Once you tell Data Picker what information you need, Data Picker will look for that information as column headers in all the data files, and grab all the data under those headers into one single summary file.

You can give Data Picker additional header information or discard some information at any time. Data Picker will re-process the summary file accordingly in no time.

You can start with the available data files now and add additional files later. Again, Data Picker will keep your summary data file updated in no time.

You can pause and save what you have done with your data, and resume later at any time.

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Data Picker -- A Brief Introduction

What does Data Merger do?

Data Merger retrieves information from different MS Excel spreadsheets based on a supplied instance of the unique identifier.

Imagine there are three Excel files. One has patient's demographic information, one has the information on different drug given to the patients, and one has the medical records. You want to put all the information into a summary spreadsheet based on patient ID. Of course, the VLOOKUP function in MS Excel can do this job. But Data Merger is more powerful and easier to use.

The fundamental function of Data Merger is to put multiple columns of data from different spreadsheets together based on one or several unique identifiers.

Once you tell Data Merger which columns you want, and how the spreadsheets are related, Data Merger will fetch those columns and put them into a summary file.

You can add or delete columns at any time, and change the positions of the columns in the output summary file.

You can start with the available data files now and add more data files later.

You can pause and save what you have done in the middle of the process, and resume later at any time.

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Data Merger -- A Brief Introduction

What does Virtual Calorimeter do?

Virtual Calorimeter calculates the dynamics of energy expenditure and fat oxidation rates over an extended period. The inputs include longitudinal data on energy intake, body weight, fat mass, and diet composition. The outputs are daily energy expenditure, energy balance, fat oxidation rate, fat balance, and respiratory quotient(RQ).

What does Intake Calculator do?

Intake Calculator estimates the changes of energy intake and energy expenditure for human subjects in free living condition. Information on demographics and longitudinal body weights is needed for this calculation.

Wait! What if I need some feature the apps don't have presently?

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